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Memorials should be as special as the lives they represent. It’s important to us that we use superior headstone materials to make the longest-lasting memorials possible. We build our monuments with the finest imported granite. It’s the only stone we accept for our uncompromising quality. We inspect each stone piece for chips, cracks and inconsistent veining or flow, discarding any unacceptable or flawed granite pieces, to ensure that you get only the carefully selected stone for your personalized memorial. When you use the best material, you get the best results.

Granite’s beauty, hardness and durability lasts for decades and the selection we have is as vast as the stories the stone ultimately memorializes. Granite’s luster comes in such a range of colors and multi-dimensional elegance that we suggest seeing our selection in-person, so you can fully understand the exquisite product that you are receiving for your headstone price. Visit one of our six central Ohio showrooms or schedule an appointment in the privacy of your home. You will marvel at our granite selection, affordable headstone cost, and the personalization we can provide for each stone. We want your loved one to have the finest granite possible to show that the life they lived was simply amazing.

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