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Civic memorials are the perfect way to recognize or commemorate a person, place or event that has great significance. With detailed engraving and etching techniques, we design our civic memorials to enhance the beauty of the area around it. Each civic memorial explains its significance to the public and gives people a sense of pride for their community with a beautiful custom-designed memorial.

When words cannot adequately describe gratitude or appreciation, a civic memorial can help pay tribute. Often placed in or around public, commercial or government buildings, schools and parks, civic memorials can commemorate a hero or tragic event, or celebrate the life of someone of great significance in the community.

Civic memorials come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can take shape as a plaque, monument, bench or statue. Our knowledgeable staff can help you select the perfect size, shape and granite color to personalize your civic memorial.

With in-house expertise, including the best artists in the industry, we take the time to create a personalized, handcrafted memorial to reflect a person’s true essence and values. With virtually endless options, our caring and knowledgeable staff can help our customers create a memorial as unique as the person it remembers.

Challenger Shuttle Memorial

The Challenger Shuttle Memorial commemorates the Space Shuttle Challenger, which exploded just seconds after taking off on Jan. 28, 1986 and killed all seven crew members.

Discover Park – State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio Memorials

Memorials throughout Discovery Park dedicate and commemorate several Ohio individuals and organizations for their contributions to education.

Jack Gibbs Memorial

The Jack Gibbs civic memorial remembers Jack Gibbs, Sr., the first director of the Fort Hayes Career Center, whose farsighted vision gave central Ohio students unique career and enrichment opportunities.

Richter Park Memorials

Civic memorials and memorial benches throughout Richter Park honor individuals and tragic events and provide a place for reflection.

Sensenbrenner Memorial

The Sensenbrenner memorial stands as a tribute to former Columbus mayor, M.E. Sensenbrenner, who held office from Jan. 1, 1964 – Jan. 1, 1972.

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