Personalized Cremation Memorials, Cremation Headstones and Pillars

After a loved one is cremated, it can be harder to process grief when the body of your beloved one may not have a regular resting place. Ashes might be scattered or held in an urn that doesn’t fully represent the life they lived or the memories you shared.

We believe a memorial ashes container should be just as special as the friend or family member it represents, expressing their individuality and the lives they touched. We can help design a personalized traditional or non-traditional memorial, headstone, pillar or bench to hold your loved one’s cremains. Our cremation memorials, cremation headstones, and memorial benches are built to house a decorative cremation urn while honoring your shared experiences and time together.

We personalize each cremation headstone because everyone is unique. Our talented craftsman and artists work tirelessly together to ensure your loved one’s cremation memorial story is told as beautifully as it was lived. You will have a place to reflect, honor, remember, find closure, and celebrate departed friends and family. Call us to learn about the various options available. Below are a few examples of the possible cremation memorials to select from.

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