Dedication and Memorial Plaques to Honor Those Who Made a Difference

Dedication and memorial plaques are a great way to commemorate a life well-lived. When people dedicate their lives to making the world around them better, they deserve to be remembered forever for their outstanding contributions. With the most talented stone etching artists in the industry, our monument company can create a portrait of stunning likeness that captures the life and essence of the person it depicts.

Whether you’re dedicating a building or park, recognizing historical significance or honoring a person, Modlich Monument Company can help you personalize a beautiful, timeless piece that people can enjoy for generations to come.

As one of the most progressive monument companies in the industry, Modlich Monument Company offers our customers digital design and photography etching. We use these advanced technologies to custom design and craft an exceptional and memorable memorial.

The technical quality of our engraving and etching work is a testament to our talented craftsmen and artists who work meticulously to create designs with flawless artistry. Our highly-skilled and talented artists create etched portraits that are intricately detailed, lifelike works of art. Our team will bring your images to life. Whether you choose a formal, distinguished picture or an informal image that represents a day-in-the life of your honoree, you’ll be pleased.

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