Celebrating life in stone!

Memorials and Headstone Designs to Tell Each Unique Life Story

At Modlich Monument Company, we offer a variety of memorials and headstone designs to help you commemorate your loved one. We ensure that your loved one’s memorial will reflect the life and essence of their unique story.

Our memorial and personalization options allow us to create the perfect headstone designs to reflect an individual’s true essence. It’s our personal touch on each memorial that makes the difference.

Architect from Modlich Monument on Vimeo.

Memorial Art – Inception to End from Modlich Monument on Vimeo.

Companion and Family Memorials

Companion and family memorials stand as a powerful tribute to honor the beloved members of a family. Our family memorials — available in all shapes and sizes — showcase a family name upon a personalized design that uniquely represents that family.

Single Memorials

Single memorials provide families with the flexibility needed when planning the best way to honor their loved ones. Our talented artists will customize each memorial to create the perfect piece of art to represent your loved one.

Memorial Markers

Memorial markers represent a simple and elegant stone tribute that remembers your loved one. Markers are available in a variety of granite colors, and our talented craftsmen can use etching and engraving techniques to create unique designs that personalize the stone.

Memorial Benches

Memorial benches can provide a beautiful accent to a memorial gravesite, or they can serve as an alternative to a traditional monument. Memorial benches offer a distinctive spot to rest and reflect on the life of a loved one.

Cremation Memorials

A personalized cremation memorial is a beautiful place to contain your loved one’s cremains. We can design creation memorials and memorial benches to include a niche for cremains or house a decorative cremation urn.

Pet Memorials

Pet memorials are the perfect way to remember the moments of joy and unconditional love your special companion brought to your life. We offer many thoughtful ways to help you honor your companion animal.

Military Memorials

Military memorials honor the brave men and women who serve in our armed forces and protect our freedom. The military memorials we create remember their heroism and their sacrifice for our country with beautifully engraved granite stone monuments.

Public and Civic Memorials

Public and civic memorials can help someone commemorate a historical moment in time or respected individual, battle, war or conflict. Our civic memorials are designed to enhance the beauty of the area around it.

Dedication Plaques

Dedication plaques remember individuals for their outstanding contributions to make the world around them a better place. With the most talented stone etching artists in the industry, we can create a portrait of stunning likeness that captures the life and essence of the person it depicts.

Private Estate Mausoleums

Private mausoleums are a great option for families who desire a private sanctuary of enduring beauty, architectural integrity and eternal serenity. We can customize mausoleums with personal touches to reflect the vision and wishes of each family.

A Personal Process from Our Family to Yours

We know how important it is to remember and honor your loved one’s unique life story. Our knowledgeable staff can help you select the perfect size, shape and granite color to personalize your memorial. With in-house expertise, including the best artists in the industry, we can help you portray your loved one’s unique story through the most skillful and intricate design.