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Celebrating Life In Stone!

There are many options for memorialization in today’s society, from memorials for a traditional cemetery burial, to a multitude to options for memorializing after cremation, to memorials honoring the life of an individual or family in both public and private settings. Any of the available options can range from a simple means to mark a grave up to a very personalized memorial that can tell a detailed story about the individual’s life.

As time goes by many of the stories and memories that define one’s life can begin to fade. By utilizing themes from the memories and stories that you hold dear from the life and experiences of a loved one to create a memorial design those memories can live on forever. Creating a personalized memorial to celebrate a life lived allows you to pass those memories on to future generations of family members who otherwise may never know anything about their ancestors.

You do not need to purchase a large, expensive memorial in order to tell a story, even small memorials can be personalized by creating a design with elements that are important to the person being memorialized. If they loved sports, adding some artwork of the sport, a basketball, football, or tennis racquet, possibly a golf ball and club for the avid golfer. Maybe gardening was a favorite activity, add some flowers or artwork of their favorite plants. To some people, family is their life, modern technology allows for etching a photograph of the entire family, and many choose to engrave the names of children and grandchildren. Classic cars, nature, animals, favorite vacation spot, the list of possibilities is endless. Every individual is unique, why not create a unique memorial to tell the story of that person to future generations.

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Modlich Monument Company Completes Final Touches on U.S. Marine Corps Monument Dedicated to VMO-6 Squadron

Modlich Monument Company Completes Final Touches on U.S. Marine Corps Monument Dedicated to VMO-6 Squadron

Known for four generations of experience in the memorial industry, Modlich Monument Company is pleased to announce the completion of a stunning black granite monument dedicated to the Marine’s Observation Squadron Six Squadron (VMO-6). Modlich was chosen by the Corps Memorial Fund group to produce the six feet tall, 7,000 pound stone marker, resembling the side of an airplane wing. The VMO-6 Monument —that holds the names of five Ohioans, will be unveiled and dedicated in Semper Fidelis Memorial Park at the National Marine Corps Museum in Triangle, Virginia in May.

The marker contains the names of VMO-6 crew members killed during service. VMO-6 saw combat action in Nicaragua in 1928, in the battle of Okinawa in 1945, Korea in 1950-1955 and in Vietnam in 1965-1969. The VMO-6 was the first combat helicopter unit in the Marine Corps and throughout its history the unit had 14 different fixed wing and six various types of helicopters. Along with the etchings of the names of those who died in support of a VMO-6 mission are also the engravings of aircraft that were primarily flown in the regiment’s combat operations.

Ohioans who are listed on the Monument and involved in the Korean War include Capt. Loren Willis Woolever of Pickerington, Capt. Donald Kenneth Trotter of East Liverpool and Capt. Charles Marino of Youngstown. Ohioans who gave their lives in the Vietnam War are 1st Lt. Ralph Edward Hunt Jr. of Alliance and Capt. Jack Ervin Schober of Toledo.

“We are truly honored to be chosen for this memorial that honors the company members who were killed as a result of hostile actions during the 46 years this group was an active unit,” states Jerry Modlich, of Modlich Monument Company. “The Monument required meticulous craftsmanship due to the unusual curves carved in this beautiful stone. Our artisans worked tirelessly for weeks stenciling and sandblasting, to produce a breathtaking marker for the Museum.”

“The Monument is important in that it is dedicated to those who made the ultimate sacrifice during combat operations,” states Ed Kufeldt, executive director of VMO-6 Memorial Fund. “Modlich was chosen to produce the memorial because of its knowledge and proven expertise.”

“This is the second monument Modlich helped produce for the Marine Corps,” adds Jerry Modlich. “We are extremely proud to be part of another project that honors the Corps and look forward to installing the VMO-6 Monument within the Museum’s Park. The Museum is a national treasure and we are gratified to know this latest monument will be visited by thousands of Marines, friends and family members.”

The VMO-6 Memorial will be placed in the Memorial Park that surrounds the National Marine Corps Museum. The Park, which has more than one mile of trails, is an impressive site and a perfect location for the Monument to remember fallen members of the heroic troop.